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Corporate Profile

Corporate profile

HOMELAND REALTY is a fully licensed real estate agency that works exclusively for buyer and seller of real estate in Tokyo. We are specialized for the area of bay area property in Tokyo ,such as Kachidoki,Harumi, and Toyosu and can flexibly cover other areas across Tokyo.   We provide you with best services and advices on real estate and introduce you properties that fit your need and investment in timely and effectively manner.  Even with very complicated Japanese real estate law and practice in Japan, our service makes you feel comfortable to handle these things. If you are looking to buy a property in Tokyo, please contact us with your requirements and we will get started on property search for you and assist you throughout the entire process to make the buying and selling process as smooth as possible. 

We also offer you much more reasonable agent fee listed below as compared to normal real estate agent in Japan. 

Reasonable agent fee

In general, most real estate companies adopt 3% against sales price plus tax for the agent fee in Japan.                   Please see below fee table designated by Japanese real estate law for your reference. 

Sales Price in JPYAgent fee rate in cap
Less than or equal to 2 millionSales price × 5% + tax
Greater than 2 million and less than 4  millionSales price × 4% + JPY20,000 + Tax
Greater than 4 millionSales price × 3% + JPY60,000 + Tax

However we can provide you with much more reasonable fee schedule depending on type of transactions, your budget, and so forth. Below is sample scenario for buying an apartment at JPY50,000,000 through general real state agent and us, Homeland Realty if we provide you with 1.5% discount.

 Agent fee rateAgent Fee
General real estate agents in Japan50 million* 3%+JPY60,000 plus tax(0.08%)JPY1,684,800.-
Homeland Realty Co Ltd50 million* 1.5%+JPY60,000 plus tax(0.08%)JPY874,800.-
Difference JPY▲810,000.-

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